Into the Woods Company begins Work on Major Musical

Rehearsals have begun for the major musical at Southwest Playhouse Inc.! Into the Woods is cast and the players are working very hard on the music and will soon begin work on blocking the show. As told by the Narrator, the show is a twist on many of your childhood fairytale favorites. This is the story of the "ever after" after "happily ever after."  

As in real life, the story line by James Lapine conveys how we all live with our own choices and their consequences. It is filled with fun and frivolity, at times poignant precious moments and fantastic phenomenal musical numbers!  The voices in the show are exceptional and Stephen Sondheim's lyrics will forever resound in your memory. Makeup designs are already being applied, the set is in process of being built and costumes are being considered. Director Julie Barnett can hardly contain herself at the prospects of such a wonderful show! This production will prove to be one of the most ambitious productions that SWPH has taken on. The company is up for the challenge and will be sure to delight audience members! 

Company members include:


  • Narrator/Mysterious Man - Dean McSpadden; 
  • Cinderella - Charissa Berrong
  • Jack - Josh McSpadden 
  • Jack's Mother - Melissa McSpadden
  • Baker - Sean Williams 
  • Baker's Wife - Julie Williams 
  • Cinderella's Stepmother - Christy Russell
  • Florinda - Lily Dowdy 
  • Lucinda - Ashlin Murray 
  • Little Red Ridinghood - Karlee Liner 
  • Witch- Blair Barnett
  • Cinderella's Mother - Cara McKay 
  • Wolf - Zach Perry 
  • Granny - Kristin Blakeburn 
  • Rapunzel - Ashley Underwood 
  • Rapunzel's Prince - Connor Simmons 
  • Cinderella's Prince - Michael Berrong
  • Steward - Connor Williams 
  • Giant - Emma Brown 
  • Snow White - Hannah Detweiler
  • Sleeping Beauty - Addi Duerksen


  • Director/Costume Designer/Set Designer - Julie K. Barnett
  • Music Director - Melissa Mcspadden
  • Stage Manager/Sound Designer/Costume Crew - Emma Brown
  • Costume Crew/Sound Crew - Cara McKay
  • LightingDesigner - Dean McSpadden
  • Light Board Operator - Ashley Roever
  • Makeup/Hair Designer - Jill Powell 
  • Makeup/Hair Crew - Kirsten Bangeman and Ella Barnett 
  • Properties Designer - Ashley Underwood 
  • Set Artist - Christy Russell
  • Set Construction - Scott Campbell
  • Box Office - Sharon Hull 
  • Usher Coordinator - Tracye Kelly

Be sure and put February 12th through the 14th and the 18th through the 21st on your calendars to see this unforgettable, beautiful production at Southwest Playhouse where we strive to bring you the absolute best in live theatrical entertainment.