Auditions for Annie!

August 6 and August 7 at 7:00PM 

Southwest Playhouse is thrilled to announce the auditions for Annie! Auditions will be held at Southwest Playhouse, August 6 and 7 at 7:00 p.m. 

Director Melissa McSpadden suggests arriving at 6:45PM to fill out your audition form. Those auditioning should have a short song prepared, just in case, though it is likely that each person auditioning will have to learn a short piece from the show that will be taught at auditions for his or her vocal audition. Please bring a calendar of your conflicts for the months of August and September so you can inform Melissa of your availability for rehearsals. The show dates for Annie! are September 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, and 23! 

Annie -A street-wise orphan; she is eventually taken in by Oliver Warbucks. Spunky, friendly, big-voiced.
Gender: Female
Age: 10 to 12

Warbucks - A successful businessman with a warm heart. Rich, stiff-collared, bullish.
Gender: Male
Age: 40 to 55

Grace Farrell - Faithful secretary to Mr. Oliver Warbucks. Poised, sweet, gentle.
Gender: Female
Age: 20 to 35

Orphans - The other girls in the orphanage with Annie. These girls are gritty, neglected and vulnerable, yet basically honest and potentially loveable. Includes Molly, Kate, Tessie, Pepper, July, and Duffy.
Gender: Female
Age: 6 to 13

Servants - The servants at the Warbucks mansion. Includes Drake, Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Greer, Cecille, and Annette.
Gender: Both
Age: 20 to 50

Miss Hannigan - The orphanage matron who hates children but is fond of liquor. Very disillusioned, bitter, and cold.
Gender: Female
Age: 30 to 45

Rooster - Miss Hannigan's no-good brother looking for a quick buck. A sleazy, slick con man.
Gender: Male
Age: 25 to 35

Lily - Rooster's girlfriend, who is also out for a quick buck. She is considered to be a floozy and bimbo.
Gender: Female
Age: 20 to 30

Bert Healy -The ultimate radio personality. He helps Annie by broadcasting about the search for her birth parents.
Gender: Male
Age: 30 to 45

Roosevelt - The 32nd President of the United States. A Democrat and friend of Warbucks.
Gender: Male
Age: 40 to 60

Servants, Boylan Sisters, Cabinet Members, Hooverville Citizens

Gender: Both

You may contact Melissa at  mizmac65@gmail.com with any further questions about auditions! 


With equal measures of pluck and positivity, little orphan Annie charms everyone's hearts despite a next-to-nothing start in 1930s New York City. She is determined to find the parents who abandoned her years ago on the doorstep of a New York City Orphanage that is run by the cruel, embittered Miss Hannigan. With the help of the other girls in the Orphanage, Annie escapes to the wondrous world of NYC. In adventure after fun-filled adventure, Annie foils Miss Hannigan's evil machinations... and even befriends President Franklin Delano Roosevelt! She finds a new home and family in billionaire, Oliver Warbucks, his personal secretary, Grace Farrell, and a lovable mutt named Sandy. (Synopsis provided by Music Theatre International.) 


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