Current Production

1st Annual SWPH Christmas Serenade


Southwest Playhouse is pleased to bring you another fundraiser variety show! The date of our performance will be December 3, 2016, at 7:30 PM. We plan to have a group from Corn Bible Academy, as well as participation from students from Clinton and Weatherford and other performers from across western Oklahoma! There will be a variety of acts, including dance, choirs, soloists, and instrumentalists – and we at Southwest Playhouse are excited to bring you this show! We will have hot chocolate, homemade goods, and plenty of holiday spirit. This will be a by-donation event, and I am aiming for approximately a 90-minute performance time. Our amazing cast of performers is listed below:

Corn Bible Academy Choir; Perry Adams (Clinton); Parker Adams (Clinton); Ann Brown (Clinton); Samantha Rother (Weatherford); Wesley Javorsky (Thomas); Lily Dowdy (Clinton); Connor Simmons (Weatherford); Blair Barnett (Weatherford); Cara McKay (Lone Wolf); DiAnn McDown (Geary); Garrett Rivas (Clinton); Cris Hart (Weatherford); Lexus Wolfe (Weatherford); Lori Veazey (Clinton); Garrett Daubenspeck, Jamie Daubenspeck, and Jennifer Daubenspeck (Clinton); Britten Bengs (Clinton); Kristin Blakeburn (Clinton); Parker Williams (Clinton); Carson Guthrie (Clinton); and April and Xavier Abraham (Clinton).

 You may be wondering what you will be donating towards if you attend this event. Think back to the last time you came to a show at Southwest Playhouse. Remember our wonderful atmosphere, amazing talent and sets? Recall our unique building, and also recall how hard and unyielding our seats are? Having sat in those seats numerous times myself, I am more than pleased to inform you that the Board at Southwest Playhouse would like to take steps toward raising funds to purchase new seats for our theatre. We are still in the early planning stages, but we are looking at new, cushioned seating that will make our theatre cozier and significantly more comfortable. We are very excited about this step forward in making Southwest Playhouse a better venue for all of our patrons, and we are thrilled to start the process with a fun, holiday themed fundraiser like the Christmas Serenade.

Mark your calendars for December 3 and attend our first annual Christmas Serenade. We will be thrilled to see you there. You are why we perform, why we do theatre, and why Southwest Playhouse exists. We thank you for your continued support and your love of Southwest Playhouse.